Interactive applications multi touch and an attractive design for all industries.


The biggest variety of Touchscreen hardware for small and big screens applying in any position. First line hardware and own manufacturing.


Metrics for behavior analysis through management reports and BI (Business Intelligence) solutions.


Development of solutions tailored to any technology. Consult a Glider and understand how we can help your business.

IMG - Interactive Magnifying Glass

Get to know this innovative product capable of bringing a lot of information in an interactive and attractive way.

  • A stage panel up to 4 meters long.

  • The last generation of Monitor All in One Touch 43"  that slides smoothly on the panel showing the same image set design as the movement and allowing interactivity at certain points of the route (Videos, Pictures, Research, Games, texts, etc).

  • No apparent wires, everything slim and sophisticated.

  • Second Monitor (video) with or without Touch interactivity.

  • Multiple applications: Timeline, Digital Catalog, Interactive Map, etc. Disclose your Product line in more detail in one physical space.

  • An incredible experience!



We provide exclusive solutions for all sectors of the market.

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Food, Self Service, Corporate, Education, Events, Government, Hospitals, Hotels, Industry, Marketing, Payments, Financial Markets, Vehicles and Real Estate, Museums, Insurance, Malls, Tourism, Retail and much more.



We are specialized in Digital Solutions focusing on interactivity through Totens touch screen (model of purchase or lease). We have developed a platform that allows content management (CMS) and can be customized according to the visual identity and characteristics of each client, providing exclusive and innovative solutions.

In addition to interactive solutions, we take care of every process of integration between systems to guarantee a complete and objective delivery.

In 2012, after experiencing in the corporate world, passing through big technology companies, we had the idea of creating an equipment that was exclusive and of high quality.

With the demand for constantly growing software solutions and the dream of creating a complete, exclusive and high quality product, we have created a new division focused on the development of interactive digital solutions.


That's how Glide came along. A Brazilian company based in São Paulo to serve the National and International market.

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